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Learn About Left Hand Drive Car Conversions}

Submitted by: Daniel Millions

For the people around the globe who live in right hand drive (rhd) areas, finding a left hand drive (lhd) car can be very difficult if not impossible. Some dealers specialize in importing left hand drive cars to sell to consumers but this is quite rare. For the most part a left hand drive car is just an oddity to people who don’t drive them.

In fact, many people only see left hand drive cars in movies that are based in the parts of the world where they are driven. Some car manufactures don’t even make left hand drive cars or if they do, the quantity is very limited or only sold in certain areas. However, companies such as Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Lexus and Audi usually produce both left and right hand drive cars for most of their makes and models.

Once you have found a left hand car dealer you will need to do some extensive research into the cars history to ensure quality. Was the car manufactured to be a left hand drive car, or was it converted into one? If it was converted it’s best to question your dealer about the process and inquire about future repairs. Changing a right hand drive car over to the left side doesn’t necessarily mean that the car is somehow defective. Since the car has undergone a major change, it could have a negative impact on the car if it wasn’t done properly.

Just as with any car repair, improper work will only lead to spending more on repairs down the line. Even a brand new car that has been converted may show problems. Technically, the car isn’t even considered brand new any longer once the conversion has taken place. Some cars simply can’t be converted and forcing a conversion is very unethical but this does take place to some degree.

The most important thing is to have the car tested out by a third party mechanic using the standard diagnostic test that normal cars go through. Failing to do so could lead you to purchase a car that is unsafe for the road. The 1993 Jeep Cherokee Utility left hand drives were recalled due to defects and safety concerns and so have many other models.

Other things you need to be aware of when selecting a left hand drive car is the cost of maintaining your car. If your car is an import or contains parts imported, you should be prepared to spend more money on the cars maintenance then you would on regular cars. Just as with anything imported for another area you should be prepared for limited availability, higher cost and possibly extended periods of time for the parts to arrive.

Individuals should select left hand drive cars by first reviewing the car dealer’s website and then researching the cars history, while reading the car owner’s manual. Car manuals give full detailed information and specifications about the car and they normally state clearly if the car was made to be converted.

Whether you plan on importing a left hand drive car or getting a right hand drive car converted, your main concern should be safety. Aside from safety issues you will also have to contend with inflated cost and part availability. The best advice I could give to anyone on this subject would be to thoroughly research everything about the car and the dealer you plan to purchase it from.

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Car Stickers With Different Personalities

Car Stickers with Different Personalities


hebe huang

When I drive on the road or waiting for the traffic lights, I would find some interesting car stickers that have different personalities. Some stickers look cool, some are fun, some are cute and some seem sweet Since then I feel interested in car stickers and here are some I think very typical and attractive ones with different personalities.

At the very fist people put stickers on their car is to remind the following car to keep a safe distance. This kind of family car sticker is normally used when parents drive with their baby in the car, so most of the family car stickers are some kind of cute baby pictures with a text like Baby in Car . Every time when I see a car sticker like this, I feel touched by the parent love for their babies.

YouTube Preview Image

Besides the safety need, people love to put stickers on their cars to show their own style and personalities. Some girls love cute cartoon stickers like Hello Kitty or Doraemon. Guys always choose those stylish and cool stickers with shapes like spider or the Transformers. Some funny guys use a car sticker of Danger in Car to remind the follower to keep a safe distance, which always makes me smile. It actually feels kind of cute.

There s another type of car stickers, which are used to show people s love and support for their countries or sports teams. Some put a national flag sticker on their cars, some put a Manchester logo sticker.

Anyway, car stickers are more than just some notifications to get drivers attention to keep a appropriate distance. They are also a way to express drivers own characters or personalities, a way let the world know about you a little bit. So what kind of car stickers are you using?

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Vehicle Transport Drivers

Submitted by: Global Auto

When you give your car to a car hauling company and trust them in security and safety of getting your vehicle at the desired destination, you want to get it without any issues or damages and it is clear. Without any knowledge about who drives huge auto carries across the country, you might be a little bit nervous and these can be a cause for an anxiety. However, you won’t have any concern with experienced company, Global Auto Transportation. Our professional team hires only well-trained drivers which mean that transporting any kind of vehicle, for them, is a profession. We make certain that they have skill, knowledge, professionalism, and experience in transporting car safely, in time, and without any incident. With our prepared and devoted auto transport drivers you won’t meet with any problems.

Global Auto Transportation and our car transport drivers, with high professionalism, are taking our job, auto transport service, seriously and with a high responsibility. We make certain that our carriers all have knowledge about laws associated to vehicle transport and federal rules, have up to date their license and permits, and well-appointed to handle in a different situations if something happens. At the time of transporting your vehicle across the country our auto transport drivers will be available by cell phone. Moreover, if something happens and there will problems occur, car transport driver will get in touch with you as well as we will do. Also, before arrival of your vehicle, we will contact you. Auto transport driver, upon completion of delivery, will complete status report of your car to make sure that everything is right as it should be. Global Auto Transportation takes a responsibility of your vehicle to transport it to you in the same condition, as it was since that moment when your car was loaded on to one of the car carriers, and to deliver your car to your desired place of destination on time. Also, you, by getting in touch with vehicle transport driver, can agree on delivering your car to another place where it would be more convenient to meet, if the delivery area is troubled because of the traffic on the roads or narrow streets and the like.

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Our professionalized vehicle transport drivers will do everything which is possible and their best in delivering your car directly to you on time without any problems. This is what mean door-to-door delivery that you can take an offer of this auto transport service. The task of our auto transport company is to provide our clients with the best prices in the industry, an excellent customer service, free quotes, a professional employees team, who have the skill and knowledge of transporting cars safely and on time. At Global Auto Transportation your vehicle will be transported to any desired place of destination easily, securely and on time without any problems. Global Auto Transportationhas many discounts and specials for our customers. Addressing to our professionalized company your car will be securely and in a timely manner delivered to your desirable destination while you will save your time and money, plus health which is the most important thing today. Isn t it sound good? Yes, it is and you are right! Go ahead and call us today for more information and good deals!

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Tips On Buying Used Cars

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Tips on Buying Used Cars



To buy a car from UAE cars is obviously a thrilling time in one s life, more than ever if it is happening for the very first time. The person who is going to plan about buying should have to save a great sum of money for a long period of time and as a result he moves towards thinking more than one time on the matter which car to buy.

For sure if somebody has more than enough amount of money as a saving and he has strong-willed to buy a new car, at that time the only option that is left for him to settle on is the make, model and price of the car. To choose from a variety of new car models will be difficult however not almost as easier said than done as selecting a used car in a stretched budget. So, for this purpose here are some helpful tips for car selection.

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When you are going to select a used car, you see lots of cars for sale. For all time bear in mind that you can t have the whole thing (at least not all the time). You have to compromise somewhere while buying a car. As a result, you have to be clear on what things you can compromise and on which you can t compromise. For example if you are getting a car in an openly smooth working state and that too for a good price, its ok to do negotiation on the colour of the exterior. On the other hand you can t compromise on the state of its body or engine for the colour of your choice.

The great advantage of buying a used car is that you are able to make use of the element of negotiation. The seller of the car must have demanded a price although there is always room to adjust his demand according to yours. You can minus some amount from it and how much you can set aside depends upon your bargaining skills.

The most useful tips for car choice from Dubai cars are that when you set out truly buy a car, it would be improved to leave your family and friends back home. Of course it is a big day for you and you would like to take your wife or girlfriend along with you other than generally this kind of scenario doesn t help with bargaining. If you are actually willing to bargain, then you have to be solemn and focused.

Never get unfocused if the used cars in front of you be good at like new cars. Dealers are more often than not very keen and intelligent and know how to attract the customer. It will be more important that the car has an engine in a good-naturedly first-class working condition, that its tyres are not too old and that the car has not been driven on long distances. To buy a car from UAE motors, you do not have a need to bring mechanic with you. It is so because they give quality products.

Find more information relating to Dubai cars for sale, and buy used cars here.

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How To Record With Sound Card On Mac Book Pro

How To Record With Sound Card On MacBook Pro



MacBook Pro includes a built-in microphone and a webcam, which allows you to record audio and create videos. The GarageBand ships with entire range of MacBook Pro models. It works with both the voice and instruments recording. Although it has large feature set, but it works pretty well for both the small and large projects. You can use it for creating a complicated set that involves voice and instruments to compose a beautiful musical piece or you can just use it for creating simple voice recording. Here is what you can do for recording with sound card on your MacBook Pro:

Open a new window of Finder and then click the icon of Applications on left side of this window.

Double click application of the GarageBand and wait so that it can load.

Select and click the option that you want in window of the New Window . For instance, if you wish to record the voice, click the option of Voice , or for recording an instrument, select name of the required instrument.

YouTube Preview Image

Enter name for your project and settings like Key and Tempo .

Select the track that you wish to record in Tracks list on left side of this window. For instance, for recording the voice, click the Female Basic or Male Basic tracks. If you are selecting an instrument, click name of that instrument in track list.

Click small record button in red color in the track that you have selected, then start talking, playing or singing an instrument into microphone. For the best results, sit or stand no more than just a couple of feet away from the MacBook Pro.

Again, click record button to stop the recording. For adding new tracks for another voice or instrument, click the sign of + below the list of Tracks . Select type of the voice or instrument that you wish to record.

Click option of Save from File menu for saving these changes. For exporting the files for use in the outside project or for sharing it with others, you can click Save as then select the option of Compact Project . This is going to save this project as file that you can email, upload or burn to as many discs as you want.

You can use the options as well in the menu of Share for sending your projects to iTunes as ringtones or songs. They can also be burnt to a DVD or sent as Podcast to the iWeb.

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