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High Efficiency Body Building 101}

Submitted by: Teodoro Yaekel

People who are serious about their body building are often subjected to intense stereotypes. That stereotype tells those unfamiliar with the sport that body builders are all oiled up people with muscles the size of big balloons whose only purpose is to repeatedly lift hundreds of pounds at a time. Unfortunately the stereotype is not entirely off base. There are some people who do live that kind of lifestyle. Professional body builders, for instance, make a living by building their muscles to extreme proportions. Of course, that is not the only reason to take up body building. The most important reason for anyone to start body building is to increase health. Body building is one of the best ways to work out. New body builders would do well to follow the approaches laid out in this article.

Proper breathing is important. Breathing right is important in body building. Holding your breath is never a good idea. Your muscles need oxygen to stay healthy so you need to breathe in a lot of it during a body building workout. When you breathe you want to breathe from your diaphragm and not from your lungs. When you fill up your lungs with air your chest expands which makes it harder for you to work the muscles in your chest. When you breathe with the diaphragm you are able to get the correct amount of oxygen without having your chest expand. You should work on each set of muscles in every workout. Do not focus on single muscle sets like arms, legs, shoulders or your cardiovascular system. All of these muscle groups are important and they need to be worked on during every exercise routine. If you work only one set of muscles, the other muscles will not progress at the same rate. This could leave you feeling uneven and bad about yourself. If you truly want to be healthy you need to work everything equally. This is the same for every kind of exercise that you might choose. It is not just body building.

Try to stay positive! It sounds cliche but The Little Engine that Could is an appropriate metaphor. It is a real thinking pattern. It might even become the key to your success.

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You need to believe that you can do it. If you don’t want to be easily discouraged you need a positive outlook. It is important to note as well that your body will respond better to positive thinking than negative thinking. When you are happy about your situation it is easier to body build. If you hate what you are doing, you will have a harder time doing it.

Anybody can do body building. It makes it easier to get in shape and think about your health. For some people body building is more than a hobby, it is a career! You don’t have to be quite that dedicated to the sport but if you keep at it you might find out that you really like the way it makes your body look and feel. Be sure to set goals you can reach, approach the sport with common sense and enjoy it–it could have a great effect on your health!

Those fitness and weight loss tips and advice can aid you, however in the event you really want to receive the very best results you should follow a complete plan that includes healthy nutrition program as well as effective workouts.

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All Season Or Party Season Grooming For Men}

Submitted by: Arnab Roy Choudhury

Yes, we agree that the party season is over. But when did you ever stop partying anyway? Your grooming routine is super important for any season party or no party. You would want to look your best on normal days too! Heres a list of male grooming products, without any brands, for your general information!

The Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has become really popular in the fashion circuit. So why not adopt the ritual? Men who want to give some life & bounce to limp hair go for the dry shampoo. There are a number of options available in the market, so choose wisely! Perfect for absorbing excess oil when you dont have time for a shower, its especially useful if youre going for an event or party straight after work. Spray & set.

The Skin Perfecto

We are all sprained for time. A grooming product like a multi-tasking face cream works wonders. It not only moisturizes your skin, but also reduces shine, minimizes the size of pores, evens out skin tone and because its pigmented, helps hiding blemishes. Again, choose the right kind & shade.

The Blemish Banishe

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Yep, you might moan and groan, but there are times when you need that huge, untimely pimple to disappear. All you need is a little concealer, as women know it very well! Disguises dark circles, acne & other woes. Comes in a shade to match your skin tone.

To apply, use the tip of your ring finger and slowly blend.

Anti-Perspirants are important!

So your favourite woody deodorant is leaving stains on your shirt? There are some underarm saviours in the market now which are designed especially not to ruin garments. The plus? It offers powerful protection all day long. So smell nice, and maybe even with your deodorant, even after dancing like crazy!

However, be certain to spray around six inches away from the skin.

The Night Cream

Night creams are important, yes, even for guys! Moisturising before hitting the bed is a better idea as your skin tends to go onto an automatic repair mode as the sun sets and you relax after work. Wake up looking fresh and nice!

Wake up in a jiffy

If you are looking for a bathing experience that really gives you a wake-up call then be on the lookout for ones that contain citrus and black pepper. These ingredients are known to stimulatethe senses and tends to increase circulation.

Make those bags disappear.

Yep its great to have a eye product handy that makes your eyes appear less tired and almost dewy!

While creams are good for dealing with fine line and wrinkles, gels are good for making those eye bags go pooof. If post-party or post-work eye issues are common for you, the gel is your solution. There are a number of options available in the market, so take your pick cautiously.

Nail Art. Sorry, nail grooming.

One of the mistakes a lot of men make when it comes to party season grooming is focusing on the face and hair and forgetting about everything else altogether. However, it is really important to take care of your fingernails. If you have a shiny sharp face, and unkempt rough calloused hands and nails, its not attractive.

Dont disregard this crucial aspect of your appearance, and get hold of some good grooming tools like steel scissors and nail cleaners.

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My Big Toe Is Red And Swollen And My Aunt Tells Me To Eat Cherries?

By Maggie Z. Mathews

You wake up in the middle of the night, and your big toe feels as if it’s on fire. It’s hot, swollen and so tender that even the weight of a blanket on it seems intolerable. These problems could indicate an acute attack of gout or gouty arthritis a form of arthritis that’s characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints. And they tell you to eat cherries. What gives?

You may well have gout. Anyone who has had gout will remember it. Gout is a very painful condition that more often than not results in your big toe and perhaps your entire foot swelling many times its normal size. Your foot will be amazingly painful. Most likely you will not be able to stand and may well be reduced to crawling around on all fours in order to get around.

Gout is a painful condition that occurs when the bodily waste product uric acid is deposited in needle-like crystals in your joints and / or soft tissues. Indeed gout is a form of arthritis. It is amazing that these tiny crystals of uric acid can cause you so much trouble. In the joints of your body these tiny uric acid crystals cause this redness and swelling. You can and will suffer greatly with this intermittent swelling, redness, heat, great pain and stiffness of joints. The pain typically lasts five to 10 days and then stops. The discomfort subsides gradually over one to two weeks, leaving your joint s apparently normal and pain-free.

Gout has been known all the way back to the Roman times. Gout has a colorful history and has been called A Rich Mans Disease. Various foods, behaviors and even sex have been blamed as the culprits causing gout.

Gout may well run in your family. There are predispositions of genetic factors. Mainly though the one factor that people can change to reduce their chances of getting gout relating to diet, weight and alcohol intake.

Being overweight increase the risks of developing gout. The fatter and heavier you are the more tissue you have that breaks down that uric acid in your body. Lose weight. Next reduce your alcohol consumption. Drinking too much alcohol makes it harder and harder for your body to remove that uric acid from your body easily. Lastly the one major change that people can take to reduce their chances of getting gout is to change and modify their diet. Eating the wrong foods that are rich in purines can push your chances of getting gout over the edge so to speak. The amazing part is that the uric acid crystals may deposit in your joints causing gout a some later. Not in the immediate several days following your pleasure.

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You may think that you got away with eating that shrimp or having a few dark beers for the several days. Then a week, several weeks or even a month later, bam, your foot and big toe swell up. You well can guess what the tie in that resulted in your latest discomfort of gout.

What is a recommended diet to reduce your chances of gout? Lose weight. Avoid red meats and foods high in purines. These include Sweetbreads, shrimp, anchovies, sardines, beef kidneys and brains, Meat extracts (e.g. Oxo, Bovril), herring, mackerel, scallops, game meat, gravy, dark beer and alcohol of any type, Moderate intake of Vegetables such as asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms and green peas. Reduce your intake of Lentils, dried peas and beans. Beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood should all be eaten in moderation. Lastly reduce your intake of Oatmeal, wheat bran and wheat germ.

You may well be given by your doctor pills to take on a regular ongoing basis to reduce your uric acid levels. Do not take them when you are having a gout attack thinking that these gout pills will help you.

Taking this medication that prevents gout during a gout attack will only increase the actual uric acid in your blood making your gout much worse. In addition your doctor may give you different medication to take during the gout attack. This medication is very different than that given to prevent gout. Lastly do not take aspirin during a gout attack. You may think that since gout is related to arthritis that aspirin will help you.

Taking aspirin during a gout attack will only make your gout worse. However if your doctor has prescribed aspirin for another medical condition do not stop taking that aspirin. It is best always to contact your doctor for specific instructions.

Lastly you may have been told to drink cherry juice or eat blueberries. To help your gout.

Consuming dark berries can well help your uric acid levels and gout. It has been known for many years that competitive bicyclists would consume dark berries and berry juices before competitive bicycle races.

The dark pigment giving berries their darker colors is derived from a chemical called Anthracines.

Anthracines can be found to have a very very potent antinflammatory effect. The anti-inflammatory effect of anthracine compounds in dark berries can well help to reduce the symptoms of your gout and get you along the way.

Research is underway to compare the benefits of different types of berries or berry juices that you can consume. Anthracines are components of the dark pigments that give the darker berries their colors.

For the moment is appears that cherries (most notably sour cherries), and blueberries are loaded with the gout helping anthocyanins.

About the Author: Maggie Z, Mathews

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Finding A Dentist Near You Can Become Very Handy

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Finding A Dentist Near You Can Become Very Handy


Jesse Philips

Getting Emergency Dental Care Austin

There is nothing worse than emergencies that involve your teeth. It\’s not just that they are painful either, it is also that they tend to happen at most inconvenient times too. Chances are, you aren\’t going to crack or a tooth or have an accidental elbow in the teeth at 9 each morning whenever your dentist\’s office is open, it is going to happen at 8pm on a Friday night.

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Knowing that, you need to make sure that you come with an emergency dental care Austin option if the emergency were to happen during nights or weekends. While you may like to believe that a verbal emergency won\’t happen to you, it\’s always safer to get sound advice if it does than to be blindsided from the situation.

One of the most common emergencies for Austin dental care is seriously chipping or breaking a tooth. While small chips can happen in some places, literally breaking your tooth in half is much rarer, but can happen. It does not even have to be that dramatic of a situation to occur; you may just bit down on a piece of bone in a \”boneless\” chicken breast. It doesn\’t matter how it happened, should you break your tooth in two you best believe that you will need emergency austin cosmetic dentist sooner instead of later .

Another situation in which you may require emergency dental care Austin is really a severe toothache that is being brought on by nerve issues inside a tooth. This typically implies that a cavity has begun to modify the nerve endings on a tooth, that is something that needs to be taken care of quickly. One of the leading reasons to reach a dentist quickly might be for any prescription for pain medication, as aspirin won\’t assist with severe dental pain.

So what in the event you look for when you are searching for emergency dental care Austin? To begin with, you want to ensure that you opt for someone who will probably be there for you. If you need to wait a few days to get involved with see the emergency dentists, well, you might too go for your regular dentist. Being able to get in easily and quickly may be the whole reason you go to emergency care anyway.

When it comes down to it, you do not need your emergency dental care Austin choice to totally look after your issue, you just want for them to do enough to dull the pain and get with the next couple of days before you see your regular dentist. You want your regular dentist to take care of most of what your issue is; an emergency dentist is there to figure out the issue and take care of the immediate problem. This may include getting pain medication, as well as doing some quick preventative work as well.

It certainly is a good idea to find emergency dental care Austin before you actually need it. While it may seem weird to do your research when you don\’t need the care you are looking for, having it already figured out means that you can simply call a number and get what you need without having to wade through options when you are in obvious pain.

One of the best ways to find emergency dental care Austin is to ask your regular dentist. He or she may have great ideas on who you can trust for your emergency care. In addition, they may be able to lead you to someone who you is on your insurance plan, saving you large sums of money on out of pocket costs.

At Smile Creations, we have been the optimal

since 1987. Each day our priority is to develop lasting relationships with our patients, centered around a mutual trust and confidence. We pride ourselves as being a quality

emergency dentist in austin

in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere.

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Lean Mean Workout Tips

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Submitted by: Rio Lovett

Ever fancied bodies like Matthew McConaughey or LL Cool J s? Have you always wanted to be buff? Well, you know what to do, follow workout tips coupled with the right food and the right attitude. If you do this with the most precision, you d be ready to fire your guns sooner than expected. So, let s get started.

Before you dive in and work out, do some warm up and stretching first. Take on some low-intensity work outs first. A good 10 minutes would be enough. If you re a yoga or Tai-Chi enthusiast, they fit in the category, so go ahead and do that. Spend 5-10 minutes of stretching with emphasis on the parts you wish to focus on. Why do you have to do this? Your body temperature should be elevated before an intense workout to avoid unwanted injury. In human words, so you won t experience pain from almost every part of your body the next day. And remember to cool down after training.

Change your workout routines once in a while. Your body will not just change when you do something it hasn t done before, it will also adapt to that change. As the body learns to adapt and cope with whatever force you apply on it, every hit won t be the same. Turns out, the point of saturation also applies to our bodies.

YouTube Preview Image

If it s weight-training that you re after but wish to do some cardio exercises, remember to do the latter first. The cardiovascular exercises engage large muscles in the body, and when you do that first, odds are you will be exhausted in the weight-training.

Challenge yourself and do difficult exercises. Do not be satisfied with exercises that only benefit certain parts in your body. Man up and do multi-joint movements. They re a bit tricky and would take time to execute it properly.

However, your efforts won t go to waste as it promotes the utmost growth in multifaceted muscles like legs and chest area. Examples of multi-joint exercises are squats, deadlifts and leg presses. In terms of repetition, a good 8-20 would be great.

Don t work out too much! I m serious. If you think that pushing yourself more than more, it means better result, you re wrong. It is actually better if you ease in than rush in. You wouldn t want to be bed-ridden the next day. Also, recovery is as important as all the aspects of your workout. Your muscle fibers will only begin rebuilding after the training. When you re a rookie, you can only lift weights 3-4 times a week, do not work on the same muscle region consecutively, and if it s still is painful.

Eat breakfast and eat after training. Yes, breakfast is still important even in working out. That s the only fuel that will help you go through the day and the workout you have planned. Your breakfast should be full of carbohydrates coupled with protein.

With a fit body, you d be feeling more confident about yourself. No more shying away, my friend. One more thing, chicks dig it! So what are you waiting for? Do the regimen mentioned in the workout tips and be the best that you can be.

For more surefire workout tips, read Shane Jeremy James s Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight. There s a whole chapter dedicated for that. And you know what that means? Hello gorgeous abs!

About the Author: Rosalie Smith has been writing about health and fitness for almost 10 years, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others. For more tips about effective way of losing weight

where you’ll get access to many other helpful tips.


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All On Four Implants In Houston: Overcoming Traditional Implant Challenges

Submitted by: Derrick Ashley

Since the technology’s conception in the early 1990’s, All on Four implants in Houston have gone on to revolutionize the fields of dental implantology and fixed oral rehabilitation. Not only does this innovation enable skilled and experienced dentists to replace a patient’s entire set of old and failing teeth in as little as a single day, with a single surgery, but it also does so at a much reduced cost. With none of the challenges and repeated expenses associated with removable dentures or false teeth, All on Four implants in Houston are really the 21st century solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism [not having any of your original adult teeth left]. It is at this juncture that countless patients ask to see the fine print. After all, the ability to get new, permanent and non-removable teeth in a day does seem to be quite a stretch of the imagination! However, there is nothing fictitious about the results attained by All on Four implants in Houston and here is how this incredible protocol works:

All On Four Implants In Houston: The Importance Of Good Jaw Bone Health

YouTube Preview Image

Before All on Four implants in Houston, a main determinant of candidacy for traditional dental implant protocol was jaw bone health. Unfortunately, patients who have long lost most or all of their teeth to periodontal [gum] disease, also present with a reduction of bone tissue volume in the jaw. You see, bone needs ‘exercise’ just like any muscle in the body. The roots of your teeth, while serving to provide a strong and stable anchor for the crowns, also provide an essential source of stimulation to the jaw bone through the natural forces and pressures associated with grinding and biting. When this stimulation is lost, the bone tissue begins to atrophy and waste away. The subsequent steady loss of bone volume in the jaw over the years not only results in substantial changes to the natural and youthful appearance of the face, mouth and jaw, but it can also make the placement of dental implants too complicated for a surgeon to consider it a viable option.

All On Four Implants In Houston: Bypassing The Need For Bone Grafting

It was a huge irony that the patients that most needed dental implants were unable to get them due to the deteriorated state of their jaw bone health. The solution to this problem is bone grafting; a lengthy, painful and expensive procedure that augments and encourages the growth of new and healthy bone tissue in the jaw. However, with a healing period of up to a year and even more, the need for bone grafting can become a serious obstacle in a patient’s journey to complete oral rehabilitation. It is for this reason [amongst others] that the innovation of All on Four implants in Houston came as such a revelation. Owing to the precise placement and angulation of only four dental implants, a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge is able to be immediately affixed in the mouth. In other words, the protocol used to place the All on Four implants in Houston almost always avoids the need for bone grafting surgery beforehand.

As a result, All on Four implants in Houston can be placed by a skilled and experienced dentist in as little as a single day, enabling patients to enjoy the immediate benefits of a full set of beautiful, fully-functional and natural-looking teeth!

About the Author: Derrick Ashley is an expert writer and researcher in All on Four dental implants who believes All on Four implants in Houston has largely inspired the dental implant technique and approach to a new high. More information visit –


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