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Experimenting With Amateur Filmmaking

By Lorabella

Filmmaking fascinates many people, even those who may not have any knowledge about filmmaking but would like to try their hand in it. Fortunately for such people amateur filmmaking has come of age with the proliferation of digital media. Earlier aspiring filmmakers only had film to work upon which was not affordable to everyone. Film cameras, even the low-end ones were quite expensive. But that’s past now with the rapid progress made by digital photography. In fact there are filmmaking enthusiasts who have been making movies with the cameras provided in their mobile phones! And anyway one cannot underestimate the power of amateur filmmaking as who knows the product you create as a hobby might excite someone powerful in the film industry and you might just turn into a hot-shot celebrity! Take the case of films like El Mariarchi and the recent Paranormal Activity, both can be described as determined efforts by practically amateur filmmakers, completed at ridiculously low budgets, and went on to make Hollywood history. Movies like these have motivated many aspiring filmmakers who had given up on their dreams, to give it another try. And why not? That’s the spirit which produces remarkable results.

The following tips would stand you in good stead whether you are aiming for Hollywood or would like to indulge in amateur filmmaking for personal satisfaction.


Meticulous pre-planning is very important to ensure a quality end-result as well as save on costs. You should clearly define every aspect of your film before you start shooting. This would include the subject of the film, the script, the locations, the cast and the crew. You would also need to plan out your budget and create sufficient buffer for unforeseen expenses. You will find plenty of material on the Internet which would help you shape-up your plan.


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Without the basic equipment you would not be able to transform your plan into reality. Some of the essential equipment that you cannot do without are camcorder, tripods, microphone, lamps, computer, filmmaking software and tape or compact discs, whatever your camcorder works with.


The great thing about digital filmmaking is that you can shoot and re-shoot as much as you want because you can erase the bad stuff and reuse the same disc or tape. Make use of this benefit by going to the location beforehand and practicing with different shots. Some prior reading up on filming techniques and camera angles would be helpful. This practice session would help you save time and energy during the actual filming process. You can also prepare storyboards in this step to aid your memory. Don’t worry if you have terrible sketching skills, you just have to create small maps about the way you would like to shoot a scene.


You can now move on with the shooting. Assuming that you are working with the digital medium, don’t be afraid to experiment and retake shots until you are fully satisfied. One thing you should take care is the lighting. Improper lighting can mess up a scene completely. Here again I would advise you to read up on basic lighting techniques to be on sure ground.


In this stage you would need to transfer all the content that you have shot into your computer and then piece it together so that it tells a logical and coherent story. You would of course need to be able to use the editing software else you can take help of a friend who is familiar with it. You can also go for a basic software which is intuitive and easy to use and then you can learn in the process. During editing you can also layout the soundtrack. Filmmaking software generally come preloaded with stock sounds, it they are not satisfactory you can download a variety of sounds from the Internet. With the end of this process you will have completed your film.

Now what? You can either be satisfied with showing your film to family and friends or you can go ahead and distribute it to a global audience. There are many popular video sharing sites where you can upload your film. Many of these sites are actively followed by amateur as well as professional filmmakers. Who knows you might just turn out to be the next great discovery in the world of filmmaking.

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A Gps For Your Investing?

By C.C. Collins

Be Market Smart Dot Com is like a GPS for your investing and financial planning goals. Whether you are stock investing, online trading mutal funds, or desiring to produce better returns for you IRA,Roth IRA or other retirement plan you will find valuable resources here. These are resources that could, over time, make a significant difference in your investment performance and in your overall lifestyle.

One valuable resource, available as a free download, is a 67 page ebook titled “Your Virtual Financial Advisor”. This ebook is jam-packed full of information about investing, wealth building, and personal finance that will answer many of the questions that the investing public faces concerning winning the investment game and, no doubt about it, this is one game every investor is striving to win.

This ebook is completely FREE to download. There is NO CATCH. You will NOT be required to give out your email address in order to get this valuable resource. It is completely FREE for anyone who would like to read it.

The author only asks that if you personally find it valuable that you email several copies to friends and family members and mention it to your Twitter and Facebook contacts in hopes that others also can better prepare themselves for the financial opportunities and obstacles that will inevitably present themselves.

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The book is written by a retired financial services executive, investment strategist and currently a market timing system developer. He has been in the investment arena since the late 70’s having previously been a Registered Investment Advisor and Series 7 Registered Representative stock broker. He has had extensive experience including watching the 1987 market crash firsthand from in front of the screen at his brokerage firm.

Drawing upon his nearly thirty years of experience and thousands of hours of internet research the author is quite literally handing you a bullion bar of golden information saving you the backbreaking work of having to search for and mine the gold yourself.

Rather than to give you alot of hype about what you can expect to find in this ebook, here are some examples of what you will actually discover within its pages once you have downloaded and opend it.

You will learn why buy and hold investing may actually be a roadblock to your success and that active money management coupled with market timing may be tilored made just for you. You will be introduced to market timing resources, wealth accumulation vehicles, specific investment vehicles, supercharging your retirement account, artificial intelligence, multi income technologies, infinite banking concepts, forex robots and much more.

Did any of your investing experiences ever leave you feeling like the market is the predator and you’re its prey? It doesn’t have to be like that. Now you can obtain a roadmap that will lead you to winning the investment battle for survival. Now you can survive, and thrive and above all prosper in any market environment whether it’s bull, bear, boom or bust.

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Armadillo On The Half Shell

By Tim Knox

The origins of the human food menu is certainly a mystery that is yet unsolved. However, it seems that some amendments are certainly being made in these dietary standards today!

Have you ever wondered who first figured out what man should and should not eat? I mean, at some point near the beginning of time, there must have been someone who sat down on a rock and decided that man should eat cows, but not crocodiles; that he should devour pigs and chickens and fish, but not lions and tigers and bears. Who was this prehistoric Galloping Gourmet and what was his connection to the “Wizard of Oz?” Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know.

If early man was anything like his modern-day counterpart, it’s a pretty safe bet that only those animals that were easy to catch and didn’t try to eat you in return were put on the edibles list. Though early man is thought to have had a brain the size of a peach pit, he probably didn’t have to see too many of his cave buddies eaten by giant iguanas to figure out that prehistoric cow meat made for a much healthier diet. That being the case, it was fear and laziness that determined what the menu for mankind was to be. And it’s a good thing, too. Had our ancestors taken a bit more initiative, your favorite food today might be badger on a stick. Can you say, “Mmm Mmm, good!”

From a Biblical point of view, perhaps it was Adam who planned the world’s first menu. “Hey, Eve, look! These platypus tails aren’t bad if you dip them in a little honey mustard. In fact, they kind of taste like chicken! Put them on the ‘can eat’ list!”

Hmm… Maybe it was a good thing Eve wasn’t much of a listener, after all.

No matter who performed those first taste-tests, thereby establishing the dietary standard for mankind for generations to come, I believe that, throughout time, God has looked down occasionally and yelled, “Hey, stupid! You’re not supposed to eat THAT!”

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When I was growing up on a small farm in rural Limestone County, we were completely self-sufficient (the politically-correct term for being too poor to purchase food). If we couldn’t grow it in a field or raise it in a pen or squeeze it from a cow, we didn’t consume it. We grew it, we killed it, we ate it, period. Needless to say, there were a lot of jumpy animals around our house. Even my dog had a nervous tick (sorry, the joke was there, I had to use it).

We never went out to eat, either. To us, fast food simply meant that we couldn’t catch it on foot. Perhaps we should have tried running it down with my old man’s truck. I never considered that an option until I read about what’s going on in West Virginia, a state which, until now, has been primarily known for giving the world such great punchlines as: “If she ain’t good enough for her own family she ain’t good enough for ours!” and “Not with my pig, you don’t!” and “That’s the last time I let a shoe salesman use MY outhouse!” But now West Virginia has done what no other state in the union has ever had the mountain oysters to do. It has given the thumbs up to drive-over dining. I think I’m gonna have to have some ketchup for this one.

Check out this story from last week’s Associated Press:

Road Kill Is Now Dinner In West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia motorists who run down the odd critter can legally take it home for dinner under a law passed by the Legislature. The bill, which has made West Virginia the butt of jokes nationally, would let drivers keep their road kill provided they report it to conservation or police officers within 12 hours. The measure became law when Gov. Cecil Underwood declined to veto it by a Thursday deadline. Pro-road kill legislators envision people eating deer hit on he road, but the bill allows drivers to take home any wildlife, except protected birds, spotted fawn or bear cubs. Proponents said if drivers can be encouraged to eat their road kill, the state would save money it now pays Division of Highways workers to remove the dead animals. Current law allows people to take possession of road kill only after they’ve contacted authorities, by then the meat has spoiled, said supporters.

The only gray area in this law is what technically constitutes road kill. By its very name, road kill is “something killed on the road,” so it shouldn’t be too hard to establish a rule of thumb. Something simple, like: “if the driver has to jump a curb and/or slam through a barbed-wire fence to accidentally hit and kill the animal, they have gone too far.” And no backing up just to make sure dinner is done, either. Under the law, that would be considered “over-tenderizing.”

I have to wonder what effect this law will have on how West Virginians eat. Imagine this being rattled off by the peppy waiter at TGIFriday’s: “Howdy. The name’s Merle, and I’ll be your waiter this evening. Today’s specials are Armadillo on the Half Shell, Skunk TarTar, Squirrel Flambe, Iguana Gumbo… and we also have a lovely Raccoon Rockefeller for only $7.99.”

Gives a whole new meaning to the term, “scattered, smothered, chunked and smashed,” doesn’t it?

The road kill law is not without its critics. Dr. Hannah Barberra, spokeswoman for the animal rights group “Defenders Of Other Dumb Animals” or “DOO-DA” for short, had this to say: “The road kill law gives humans a license to drive and kill. Imagine a world full of Wyle E. Coyotes driving two-thousand pound automobiles. That’s what we have to look forward to if eating road kill becomes the norm.”

When asked about the rumor that DOO-DA plans to set up booby-trapped ducks, rabbits and road runners along West Virginia’s highways to discourage hungry motorists, Dr. Barberra declined to comment, other than to say that whatever her group does, no actual animals will be harmed.

Thank goodness. I’d hate to see innocent animals getting hurt just because mankind has decided to expand the menu.

Now, grab the honey mustard, Elmer, and let’s go for a ride.

I’m getting awful hungry.

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Make Your Business Grow With Professional Financial Advice

Submitted by: Apex Associates

Your business is your concern big or small no question. But steering it clearly towards prosperity through profitability is a big task. It needs professionalism in managing the figures financially, with utmost efficiency and clinical precision of accuracy. This is where most of the businesses lack and require unbiased, but most friendly third party accounting and auditing advice.

The financial investment made in the business whatever it is has only one objective – to grow manifold. The incoming and outgoing cash-flow should be managed, accounted and recorded skillfully without blemish, to achieve this objective. Efficiency in accounts management is expressed in terms of financial planning, right from the inception to foresee events, to calculate risks, to provide standbys, to save wherever possible, to spend at the right time and also to gain in all these financial transactions always.

Mere recording of financial transactions is not accounting service. It is more than that and branches out into many directions. Apart from statutory accounting, to comply with the government statutes, an efficient accounting service can bring forth many benefits to the business ultimately. Tax Planning and Tax Advice are two examples in this regard.

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A professional third party service provider firm can do a lot in these essential aspects. As advisors and tax consultants, a firm of Chartered Accountant London, such as Apex Associates can be depended upon, to help businesses in the categories of Small Business Accounting; new start-ups; company formations; company secretarial; Limited Companies; Self Assessment for individuals and Partnership firms.

While the tax payments arise only twice a year, appropriate tax planning service undertaken by the above professionals will entail, only the correct payment of assessable tax no failure to pay and invite fines or over payments to get refund later on, only to deposit money idly with the exchequer.

Similarly, Capital Gains Tax planning in saving tax, while spending on prudent future investments on machinery, capital goods etc. These professionals know the intricate tax laws thoroughly by constant practice, and know the loopholes to save (or earn) money legally, otherwise payable as tax to the government.

By engaging the services of such Chartered Accountant freelance firms, to help you in your day-to-day accounting activities of business, what you get is more than worth the charges. First and foremost, your book keeping worry on the business gets absolved. Second, you get expert advice on all accounting matters, financial planning, outlays, investments, expenses, tax consultancy and keeping your business in the right track of complying with the laws of the land.

Above all, you get a friend in business, financially able and efficient to steer your business clear of all financial troubles, by their experience. As such, is it not a worthwhile proposition to make your business grow with professional financial advice? If still in doubt, please learn more here –

Accountants and Auditors we take a different approach to the norm when it comes to providing high quality and highly relevant services to our clients. We do not simply focus on your accounts, but prefer to offer a proactive service to assist you by using our knowledge, experience and systems to identify how to improve your tax bills, growth rate, profitability, cash flow, take-home and the value of your business.

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