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Wilson Inspection X Ray Services Has A New Word For Security: Live View Gps}

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Submitted by: Jeffrey Swartz

The problem

9/11 changed a lot of companies, and Wilson Inspection X-Ray Services, based in Corpus Christi, Texas, was no exception.

For over two decades, Wilson Inspection X-Ray Services has delivered its non-destructive testing services to the petroleum, nuclear and other industries. These industries must adhere to strict state requirements and Department of Transportation radiography standards regarding safety and operations.

Each of Wilson Inspections 44 trucks is a completely self-contained mobile darkroom lab complete with chemicals, film and radioactive devices that uses x-rays to inspect and test welds in pipelines, wells, refineries and other structures to ensure there wont be any ruptures before pumping begins.

The nature of our service requires our trucks to carry hazardous materials, explains Lee West, Radiation Safety and Security Officer at Wilson Inspection. After 9/11, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued new regulations mandating that we account for all of our trucks all of the time to prevent anybody, especially terrorists, from hijacking our materials.

This was a major challenge for us because our vehicles are scattered throughout thousands of square miles in south Texas between Houston to El Paso. This includes large remote areas without cell phone towers, so communicating with drivers are next to impossible.

The only practical solution was to install GPS devices on all our vehicles. So I began researching.

The LiveViewGPS solution

West went on the Internet to find potential GPS providers. He called several of them.

Of all the companies I talked to, LiveViewGPS was the most receptive and the most understanding. They were eager to work with us in finding the right solution that helped us track our fleet and comply with all the regulations. Their integrated Live Trac System of hardware and software was perfect for our needs.

Originally West ordered a few Live Trac G-5 GPS Vehicle Trackers and used them for a couple of weeks to learn the system.

Originally the learning process was complicated because we were using the web as a training manual. When I called LiveViewGPS and told them about our struggles, they wrote an app for us that solved all our problems. Now were adding vehicle trackers as fast as possible.

Because of compliance issues, we keep two back-up Live Trac G-5 units activated on our shelves. If one of the vehicle trackers breaks down in the field, we can replace it immediately. When we originally talked to other companies about keeping activated units as backups, they told us they didnt do that. When we asked LiveViewGPS, they said no problem and delivered the units.

LiveViewGPS best-selling G-5 Vehicle Tracker operates on the companys new Live Trac Platform, a next-generation, real-time vehicle tracking system offering 1-, 5- and 10-second vehicle tracking capabilities on highly sensitive receivers. Like other Live Trac units, it works in environments where other GPS units fail.

The G-5 Vehicle Tracker is small and compact, with a state-of-the-art GPS chipset and integrated internal antenna. Its internal battery backup normally lasts for two days between charges.

The Live Trac GPS Platform features reliable 99.9 percent server uptime and requires no software to install. System updates are free, and live support is built into the platform. Users log on via their web-enabled computer or mobile device and, once connected, can track multiple vehicles in real time on a high-resolution satellite map, set geofencing (zones), find addresses, see aerial or road map views, and see historical data up to 90 days. A personal dashboard allows users to set and manage mapping, reporting and alert features to meet business or personal needs.

The benefits

Our number one concern is security, West states. Now we can track and locate every vehicle 24/7. If a vehicle breaks down in no-mans land, our GPS system pinpoints their location so we can help them quickly. If a vehicle is someplace it shouldnt be, well spot it. If a vehicle should be stolen, we can immediately send its latitude and longitude coordinates to the authorities.

By state law we have to audit every vehicle twice a year. In the past this was a hassle because we didnt always know exactly where all our vehicles were. With our GPS system in place, we routinely run audits weekly.

Because Wilson Inspection X-Ray Services vehicles carry hazardous materials, safe driving is of greater concern than with most companies. With the LiveViewGPS Live Trac system, management can spot speeding or reckless driving and phone the driver to slow down.

The Live Trac Systems large memory allows West to play back every vehicles route. This allows management to determine the most efficient routes between locations which saves time and fuel.

The Live Trac System sometimes benefits us in unusual ways, West reveals. For example, one of our drivers got a ticket for running a stop sign. Using his route history, we were able to prove he didnt.

The Live Trac websites online map not only displays the location of every company vehicle, it also includes a weather overlayanother safety consideration. Tornados, high winds and fierce storms can endanger the companys trucksespecially out in open country. Now West can monitor weather patterns and alert drivers if they need to seek safety.

Another vital part of the Live Trac system is the reports it can generate. These include mileage, starts/stops, route locations and more. This enables West to spot any drivers that deviate from their routes, take long lunches or use vehicles for personal tasks.

In the past, drivers were expected to stay overnight at locations, but some of them wanted to return home. As a result, they used a tankful of gas going and coming. Since weve eliminated extraneous driving, fuel cost savings have been astronomical.

Id recommend LiveViewGPS to anyone, West concludes. Theyre courteous, responsive and extremely helpful. They dont beat around the bush. Equally important, theyre straight shooters. When they say theyll do something, they do it. In Texas, a mans word remains his bond.


About the Author: LiveViewGPS provides wireless GPS tracking products and services for Fortune 100 companies; small businesses; federal, state and local government agencies; law enforcement and family safety. Its GPS devices include vehicle and fleet-tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people tracking devices and GPS asset protection equipment. For more information, for a free demo or to place an order, visit

or telephone 888-544-0494.


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Upgrade Your Computer Power Supply}

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Submitted by: Maxwell Z. Rubin

The power supply to a computer is often the most underappreciated component of a computer and can well be a key to better, faster and smoother computer speeds of your computer.

But who ever thinks of that silver box tucked away in the back of your computer?

Most people simply have the power supply that came installed in their computer. If it ever overheats and breaks down, stopping their computer from starting dead cold, that is the only time most computer users ever think of, replace or upgrade their computer.

Imagine if you had an erratic source of electricity to your home that was sparkly, erratic or underpowered. In the same way if the power supply is an inexpensive one it may be erratic in its power output. You may well have upgraded your computer added drives , added a second cd/dvd reader or burner, a new powerful video card , or a number of external USB devices whether they be mice, keyboards , external drives powered by the USB port alone , and never thought that you were taxing your limited amperage power supply. All of this extra power usage by these new components that you have added to your computer without thinking of the consequences on your already stretched power supply can both dampen your computer performance and shorten the life of your power supply.

How is computer power supplies rated? Computer power supplies are usually rated by amperage. However this is a peak amperage measurement. This can be of a most optimistic rating. Late in the day a couple of technicians overseas snap one or two of the better examples of their factories workmanship onto a load meter. They snap on the power briefly and note did you see that 500 watts. Im sure I saw 500 watts says technician number 2 and even 3 and they mark the test results down. And if the numbers do not jive absolutely it can always be blamed on batch consistency or even a different group of products. For after all isnt it a test of average load of a number of transformers.

YouTube Preview Image

Everything in life as they say comes down to practical logistics.

Most of the mass market computer that you will find in big box stores etc is mass produced. This has advantages of low cost and easy repair at the factory. The product has been set up and tested. If there is a problem with the computer it can be easily fixed, in, most cases with a simple swap of components at the factory. The computer model and its common problems and fixes are well known. The flip side is that the components have been carefully sought out, extensively tested and component quality shaved down to the bone.

As a result you do not have a lot of leeway with power supply to any upgrades or simple USB hardware additions to your computer system. Thus it is a wise idea to replace your power supply.

How can you judge which power supplies are better than others. First of all you can do a rough judgment by weight. The better power supplies will have a lot more copper metal in their transformer and will be much heavier. Inexpensive power supplies are very lightweight. You will notice the heavier weight of better power supplies immediately.

Next the better power supplies will have higher wattage. 200 300 watts may be fine for older Pentium 2s and 3s; newer computers may well need a minimum of 350 400 watts or more. It is not only power in watts but the consistency that matters. The better power supplies will be marked with consistent power output levels on their markings. As well they may be marked as having dual or more channels, What this means is that there are two or more entirely separate power supply channels, Thus there will be one distinct channel of power for the motherboard and another for the peripherals. When a DVD drive comes on it the power supply to the motherboard will not diminish even for a second.

Your computer speed will be smooooooooth.

The last thing to note is either the amount of plug outputs and the amount fans built into the power supply. The better power supplies will have the luxury of providing lots of extra plugs both for convenience, and the expandability their power supply offers.

As well there may be extra fans to properly cool the better, more powerful power supplies. Even though there may be extra fans, the power supply over may be incredibly quiet due to the higher quality ball bearing based gearings and advanced sophisticated heat sensing power switching controls.

The ac power supply of your computer may well be the most unappreciated taken for granted component of your computer. A better power supply can be one of the keys to increasing the speed and consistent performance of your computer especially as you upgrade your computer adds new components. Might be a good idea to invest in a new. High quality computer power supply.

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Nokia 700 One Of The Sleekest Smartphones With Excellent Features

Nokia 700 – One of the Sleekest Smartphones with Excellent Features


Harry Johnsonn

It s needless to say that Nokia is a pre-eminent mobile company known for its feature rich and elegant handsets. The recently launched Nokia 700 is one of the best Nokia phones full of impressive and useful features to provide the users real mobile experience.

A Dazzling Store House of Brilliant Specifications

With all its outstanding features and impressive look, the gimmick has big things to proffer. Its trim and stylish body is gorgeous to allure mobile aficionados.

The phone is equipped with 5MP camera along with LED flash. The VGA camera on its front facilitates video calling. The stereo music player installed in the handset enables you to listen to multi format music. The display of its AMOLED capacitive touchscreen sizing 3.2 inches is gorgeous to enhance the quality of images and the videos.

The Nokia 700 also proffers its users to store a huge amount of data on the gimmick itself as its memory can be expanded up to 32GB. With all its appealing specialties including Facebook, SMS, Email, Free OVI Maps with Navigation, NFC Chips, and some most advanced and useful preloaded applications, this widget is available in five colors cool grey, coral red, silver/white, peacock blue and purple. You can avail this handset through

YouTube Preview Image

Nokia 700 contract


The Wi-Fi connectivity of Nokia 700 is amazing and heart winning. The keypad of the handset is excellent facilitating you type easily. You get several messaging options including SMS, MMS, Twitter, Facebook and email. You get even the Orkut loaded in the widget. It is assured that you will get high speed Internet browsing experience with it.

The most sought after feature of a handset is its battery backup. If the battery backup of a handset is not good, it s no good a device for the users. For the great pleasure of the mobile aficionados, Nokia 700 contains a 1080 mAh battery providing talk time backup for 7 hours and 10 minutes while the standby backup for 465 hours. The handset is operated on Symbian Belle OS and is powered by 1GHz processor. Other outstanding features of the handset are:

* 2G (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) and 3G (HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100) data support.

* Lightweight device weighing only 96 grams.

* Availability of multitouch operation.

* The screen equipped with accelerometer, proximity, compass and gorilla glass display.

* Phonebook that can store unlimited entries and fields.

* GPS and Java support.

The widget is one of the best Nokia phones. Retailers and major mobile network providers are proffering the gimmick on attractive Nokia 700 deals.

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