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Haiku Poetry And The Concept Of Wabi/Sabi

By Edward Weiss

It may sound like a tasty sushi dish, but the concept of wabi/sabi is a Japanese idea that literally means “sweet sadness.” It’s a feeling one may have when winter is approaching and you notice the change in nature’s cycles. It’s a feeling of impermanence that surrounds all living things on this planet. Nothing lasts and this idea finds its expression well in haiku poetry. For instance, look at this haiku poem by Bruce Ross;

winter sun…

the pigeons foot crackles

YouTube Preview Image

a dry leaf

The first line suggests the time of year and the general ambiance of the day. It is wintertime and as we all know, the sun’s position and relative affect on the earth is quite different during this season. Lines two and three complete the poem and focus, quite remarkably I might add, on the activity of a pigeon. Here, the pigeon happens to walk on a dry leaf and the leaf crackles because of it.

Now, lines 2 and 3 really have no poetic effect by themselves. But, when combined with the sentence fragment “winter sun,” we get what many have called an absolute metaphor.. a snapshot if you will of a moment in time. And it is precisely this moment in time that creates the wabi/sabi affect!

Nothing lasts. Not the winter, not the sun’s position, and surely, not an incident so small as the crackling of a dry leaf. Yet these seemingly small events are what life is about. To catch them is the haiku poet’s job and it is done superbly in this poem. When we read this haiku as a whole, we come away with that sweet sadness that most of us have felt at one time or another. We realize that this life is only temporary and that each “small” act is a miracle in itself.

About the Author: Edward Weiss is a poet, author, and publisher of Wisteria Press. He has been helping students learn how to write haiku for many years and has just released his first book “Seashore Haiku!” Visit us now at

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Online Online Printing Company And Shop

Submitted by: Alijha G.

Finding a good online printing company can be an arduous process especially for beginners. This is because there are so many online printing out there with some dubious printers luring unsuspecting clients with their attractive marketing language.

Finding a good online printing company can be an arduous process especially for beginners. This is because there are so many online printing out there with some dubious printers luring unsuspecting clients with their attractive marketing language. The following are factors to consider when choosing reputable printers that fit your budget and goals;

Customers can choose whether they want to go physically to the printers’ office or use online printing services. Of course this will heavily depend on your geographical location and how much time you have. For instance if you know an online printing company within your area you can visit their offices. However if you want something after office hours then online printing service will be the best option.

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The delivery time will heavily influence the online printing company whose services you will contract. If it is very urgent then definitely you will have to go to the nearest printer and wait for the job to be done. This is preferable over online printing services as you will not have any delays over things such as shipping costs. Always make sure to ask the printer for an estimate on when the job will be completed and if they charge rush prices for those who are in a hurry.

Always make sure to know the kind of printing job that you want such as the envelop printing, wide-format printing and digital printing. This is because when you are printing items such as legal reports, business cards and greeting cards you will require different forms of printing and services. So, before you choose any online printing company research and find out what you need from an online printing service from various printers’ website.

Customers also have to know the kind of printing services that fit their budgets before choosing an online printing company. As a savvy consumer know exactly how much you are willing to spend on a printing job. You may want some kind of design but it’s out of your price range.

Reputable online printing are usually more than willing to discuss various options in order to find one that meets your budget and needs. Compare a couple of printing prices from different online printing service providers in order to have a rough estimate of how much it will cost you. Avoid working with the first online printing company you find and explore other options first.

It is advisable to only contract the services of reputable online printing only. Get referrals from relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers who have worked with these companies in the past. If possible ask to see samples of the online printing company work that the prospective companies might have with them to ensure that they actually deliver on their promise. This is especially important for online printing services as you do not get to meet them face to face like in a brick and mortar shop.

If you find the contacts of the online printing company you are interested in working with, call their printing representatives. Check and see how they handle you and answer your questions. You can tell also about a company by how it handles its potential clients.

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