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Eying An Administrative Position? Here S How To Work Towards It

Submitted by: Candace Davies

In the face of state cutbacks and budget cuts, administration positions are also being hit, although not as hard as teaching positions. Rather than make a bold career move into administration, a more prudent strategy is to take on increasing responsibilities and administration functions so that you can slowly evolve into an administration position, should one arise. There are a number of key areas you can focus on today to improve the attractiveness of your candidacy.

Develop business skills

Schools require a broad range of administrative skills. Demand is high for business managers with experience in financial planning, cost cutting and restructuring. Tasks obvious to a business manager such as renegotiating insurance contracts have loosened up funds and allowed previously discontinued programs to be renewed. Many schools are grappling with budgets that are already running over school board limits while school boards are further cutting expense limits.

Improve student performance

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Student achievement is a key focus for administrative positions. How can you help raise student performance in state rankings? A good place to start is your own classroom. Demonstrate that you are able to motivate your students to higher levels of performance, and then offer to develop this competency throughout the school.

Volunteer for administrative positions

Volunteering on committees is a good way to become more involved in your school s administration. As schools face deepening budget cuts, more of these opportunities are available at the school, board and district levels.

Pursue administrative education

Consider pursuing part-time graduate courses in educational administration or educational leadership. Some related education is expected for most administrative positions. If you have a master s in another area, complementary courses and volunteer committee experience can put you on the right path to an administrative position without having to return to school.

Be prepared to multi-task

Many schools are not replacing administrative positions but instead are restructuring to compensate for the lost position. This often means that the new administrative position you are applying for is actually a combination of two or three jobs that existed in last year s budget. The ability to show that you can add value in the areas of cost cutting, operational efficiency and/or student achievement will help get your resume noticed and, hopefully, land you an interview. With administrative offices restructuring to improve efficiencies, do your research and be aware of the competencies and functions that have been compromised.

Look Abroad

Your administrative experience and education is in high demand in international markets. As a result of the phenomenal growth in demand for teachers in developing markets, a large number of schools are trying to manage unwieldy operations in the face of unprecedented growth. Many ESL schools in China, for example, have grown from dozens to thousands of students over the course of a few months. These schools are often run either by teachers or business people; many require professional education administrators to help them manage and prepare for future growth.

Are you contemplating a move into administration? Do you have some other suggestions of how one might make the transition?

About the Author: Candace Davies is the owner of A+ Resumes for Teachers and is a Certified Resume Writer and Interview Coach Strategist who is dedicated to assisting teachers, administrators and other professionals within the education sector. Let her help you land your dream job:



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Simple Work At Home Ideas

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By Aidan James

There are many small businesses that can be run at or from your home such as accountancy or public relations but there are many folk who are rather limited to the home or ned to stay very close to it, such as mothers of young children, who need simple business ideas which do not require start-up capital or educational qualifications and which can be carried out mainly at home.

Business ideas like gardening are obviously of no interest to these folk as the majority of the work is outside the home. Unfortunately most if not all the work at home lists we come across seem to overlook these people and trot out the same old material on home based business. There is a huge difference between ‘work at home’ (WAH) and ‘home based business’ (HBB)!

For those WHAMs and WHADs (work at home moms and dads!) there is a great list of WAH business ideas at aimed at helping the true work at home types looking for ideas to either make a little extra cash or choose a complete lifestyle and healthy income. Lets take a look at just a small few of those ideas here:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers sell products in return for a commission or per lead payment. This is arguably easiest when the product or service is sold from a website though it does not always have to be that way – programs like the hugely popular Avon one for example are really affiliate programs. There are many who make a great living from affiliate marketing and there are some who make millions. This is also a great way to make a little extra if thats all you want. If you are looking to get into it I can genuinely recommend The Wealthy Affiliate, an online training resource I belong to myself. It condenses a whole heap of learning curve into a few weeks and gives excellent support and tools, it even has tools to make website building foolproof.

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There is plenty of money to be made in this field. If you have an eye for antiques then just trading in them can be very profitable however if you can also do some basic restoration work you can really gain here. We’ve seen some huge profits made on collectibles that have had a just a little touching up. Antique collectors like many niche interests also tend to show less seasonal or recession time slowdown.

Arts and Crafts

If you have hobbies like woodwork, leather work, making jewelry and the like you might find a ready market for your creations at local weekend markets and fairs. You might also be able to sell to specialty stores. Not able to get out on the weekend either? – Sell your wares on eBay.

Assembly and Installation Service

I got this idea from a neighbor – if you have a knack for installing home theater systems or sound systems and are able to get around your own neighborhood then offer your assembly services. How about assembling all those flat-packed furnishings delivered from furniture stores? This is an area just begging for neighbourhood services. You can maybe even get the stores to advertise your service for your area if you live near a mall.

Notice these ideas are just a few of the many honest home businesses – Read on below for many more.

Simple and Honest Work at Home Ideas

Learn about Affiliate Marketing the Easy Way see more at Affiliate Marketing

About the Author: Simple and Honest Work at Home Ideas Learn about Affiliate Marketing the Easy Way see more at Affiliate Marketing


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How Tv Antenna S Work?

Submitted by: James Dane

TV antennas are usually positioned on the roof of a home and pickup TV signals from the nearest TV transmission tower. In this article we will explore the inner workings of a TV antenna and explain how they work.

An antenna is made up of a central piece of metal which is crisscrossed by a series of other metal rods. These are usually much shorter in length. The boom or the central piece of metal contains receptors which are designed to pick up the TV signals. The TV signals come from the nearest transmission tower and are broadcasted in TV frequencies. These are VHF and UHF. The specific frequency means that interference from other signals such as mobile phone signals do not provide interference.

The antenna on your roof is then connected to an aerial point in your home which in turn is connected to your TV. The TV then translates the signal into pictures.

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Improving Your Signal

When fitting a TV aerial it is important to try and point your antenna s rod in the direction of the transmitter. You will find location of your nearest transmitter online and in most cases you will need to keep turning the antenna until you get the best reception point. This requires a bit of patience but makes a significant different to the quality of your reception.

Size also plays its part. Bigger antennas with more receptors usually tend to deliver a much higher level of reception. A bigger antenna is also usually able to pick up a larger variation of channels. Antennas with a large boom size can typically pick up signals further away.

Older Antennas

Some people still rely on older antenna setups. These are antennas that are fixed to the TV s themselves. They work in the same way as roof antennas but tend to provide a lower quality signal. Users are often left having to play with the antennas on a regular basis and reception for one channel can differ significantly to another. The main problem with this setup is that the aerial is confronted by a series of barriers in terms of walls. On the roof an aerial gets a clearer signal path to the receiver.

As you can see aerials come in a variety of sizes and setups. Some deliver a high quality signal and can deliver a better range. This usually results in more channels. In the UK the digital switchover is in full swing. Many home owners are having to upgrade their aerials to ensure that they can pick up the new television signals.

In the future the way in which we pickup and broadcast TV will change. The internet is having a particularly strong influence on how we consume media with many being able to watch the programs they want in their own time and on their own terms. The internet also provides the ability to provide a lot of supporting information with a program. This is of great interest to most watchers and could revolutionise the industry.

About the Author: James Dane –

FirstLine Digital


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Direct Marketing Using An Ailment Mailing List And Its Response Rate

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Submitted by: Charles4145 John

The majority of medical mailing lists are in the form of, an ailment mailing list, prescription, or over-the-counter medication. Since this information contained on an ailment mailing list isn t public record, it s captured from self-reported means by surveys or online sites that request permission. Self-reported ailment mailing list data is regarded as very accurate but represents only a fraction of the entire population who suffer from an ailment or take a particular medication. There are some research firms who claim to be able to predict an ailment mailing list audience by way of modelling. This process is extremely ineffective and inaccurate and should be avoided.

Response rate of direct mail marketing:

A big myth about direct mailing list advertising and response rates is that if you mail out lot s and lot s of direct mail, you re going to get business in the door. The fact is that this doesn t always happen. In fact, many times, there is little or no response at all. Business owners should not assume that just because they spend money on a direct mailing list campaign, they ll get a response. Getting a favorable response from a direct mailing list campaign requires the mailer to pay close attention to not only the mailing list they are targeting, but also the offer being presented, the creative design, the call to action, timing within the market, and competitors within the market. Experienced mailers will achieve response rates of .5% to 2.5% but many are satisfied with a 1% response to their direct mailing list campaign.

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Using mailing list to generate business leads:

A successful mailing list campaign can cause a positive chain reaction for your business. The more prospects you have the more sales leads you obtain. The more sales leads that you obtain will lead to an eventual growth in your customer base.

For these reasons, an accurate mailing list is an essential marketing device for any type of business. Although there are many types of mailing lists, the most sought after are the consumer mailing list and the business mailing list.

Using your mailing list to send direct mail offers such as postcards and sales flyers to your clients is one of the most general uses for your mailing list. Another great direct mail use for your mailing list is using it to send periodic newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your target audience while promoting your businesses product or service in an informative way. Mailing lists are also a great way to track responses to your offers and mail pieces. This can be done by using the same mailing list, but adding new contacts to it.

Mailing lists can also be a great marketing device for businesses that utilize telemarketing. Today s mailing lists can be created to output a potential client s telephone numbers, thus allowing your company to promote sales through cold calling techniques.

Compiling and maintaining an accurate mailing list can be very costly and can tie up several of your businesses sales representatives for long periods of times. For these reasons businesses seeking a mailing list are best to utilize the services of a mailing list broker. Mailing list brokers are experts in compiling a mailing list best suited to your businesses needs and should also be consulted before commencing a direct marketing campaign. A good mailing list broker will be able to lead your company to a customized mailing list that will generate measurable sales for a time to come.

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