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Laser Skin Care Treatment At Beauty Centers

Laser Skin Care Treatment at Beauty Centers



There is a lot of emphasis on facial treatments and procedures, nowadays. Laser clinics have come a long way and there is a skin clinic in almost every street corner. These skin clinics promise you with firm skin with no wrinkles or spots on your face. Such beauty clinics are much in demand nowadays. The laser wrinkle treatment in Ft. Myers conducts the traditional CO2 treatment which is quite painful to undergo and which requires considerable time and patience also. It also offers the fractional wrinkle treatment which is done, with the help of, the pulsed laser light that delivers long-term results. This is done in just one session. The laser light penetrates the skin just to the right depth and the right heat level, which results in a dramatic healing response. This promotes collagen production that diminishes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and the mouth. This is considered to be very safe.

How are Wrinkles formed?

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There are several factors that aid skin wrinkles. The aging process starts the slimming and thinning of the skin. Once the skin starts thinning, it becomes dehydrated and dry. This results in sagging of the skin resulting in a wrinkled appearance. The sun also damages the skin fibers and other factors like environment, pollution, wind, and chemical factors also aid in damage of the skin. This reduces the skin s ability to stretch. The skin loses moisture and the skin pores become dry. This is the natural aging process. Sometimes, excess dryness of skin causes not only wrinkles, but also skin diseases likes eczema and psoriasis. Smoking also damages the blood vessels and lowers the amount of oxygen in the skin. Different types of laser treatments are provided by azulbeauty. There is no age limit for plastic surgery and also a woman can undergo plastic surgery irrespective of her age.

Various Skin Treatments

Face lifts are one of the most popular facial surgeries done by plastic surgery Bonita Springs FL. A prospective candidate who wishes to undergo facial surgery has to have flexible skin. This is important because during the procedure, the facial skin is stretched to remove wrinkles. The healing will also depend to a great extent on the suppleness of the skin also. A well-defined bone structure can also contribute to the final results as well. People with weak features may find it better to get facial implants rather than go in for a plastic surgery. If they have any major medical issues, they should inform the surgeon about it. Being physically fit will help in a quick and rapid recovery process. A person with sagging skin will also be an excellent candidate as the excess skin and wrinkles is removed by the surgeon and tighten it as well. Cosmetic surgery Bonita Springs FL helps in correcting the facial physical deformities and improves a person s appearance. Laser skin resurfacing Ft. Myers FL not only removes wrinkles but also closes the open skin pores. Initially, thermal power was used to rectify the skin, but it led to results such as causing damage of the DNA cells of the skin.

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Qualities Of A Leader To Be Well Known

Submitted by: Vijaya Shanbhag


A Leader qualifies as a Leader only if he possesses the following qualities:-

1) Does right things:–

Doing right things meaning carrying out one’s duties well, obeying punctuality,caring and respecting the dignity of his team as well as colleagues

2)Sets things in place and works sensibly with front person’s difficulty in mind:-

A leader if he observes his work place and if any wrong or misbehaviour in his absence leading to harm should be handled very carefully and proper justice devoted.

When he is absent or away, in his absence wrong things happen in an organization he should ensure that proper regulations are followed,proper work devoted, the organization is run smoothly without hassles, there should be no grumbling of the employees/workers/ subordinates/ etc and hence no tussles.

3)Makes Plans and Missions:–

The leader should designate and allocate work making planning efforts and set goals and missions for his group / Team / Organisation.

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A Mission set should be properly planned – well – organised, well -set and allocation of work done rightfully so that the whole system is organized.

4)Appreciates people:–

Appreciating and encouraging an individual itself motivates him to work with more efforts.

5)Develops abilities and talents of a person so as to bring the best out of him

understanding his needs,helping him out:-

A leader should lead in a manner so as to bring out the best in a person thus cultivating and developing his abilities, talents so that he can use his skills and strengths in the right manner.

6)Making people / team to commit, leading people for good-sake and well-being of an individual and society as a whole:–

Creating a good work environment making his team commit and fulfil duties responsibly makes a good leader either in an organization / or in a country.

For eg. If a harassing type of environment is created.. tension of reports to be given in time, then instead of giving correct reports the individual will land giving errors and mistakes thus making the situation all the more worse.On the other hand if calm,cool environment is created an individual’s potential of working will boost thus giving more inputs and efforts.

A leader must ensure tension-free environment in an organization.

7)A great Leader works for bringing Peace :—

Bringing Peace by a leader in a family, state, nation and ultimately his country and bringing happiness in and around may be also in an Organisation is the duty ( kartavya) of a leader.

Peace or so-called Shanti in native language Hindi in India is required everywhere at home, offices, Parliament/ organizations / ashrams/ temples nearly everywhere.

A greatest LEADER would be the one who would bring this peace and happiness in and around him so that human beings can live free— of —tensions.

Great Leaders of the world

Leaders of the world who inspired humanity and the world:–

Mother Teresa, Hellen Keller, Albert Einstein, Sir Abraham Lincoln,Sir John Kennedy, Henry Ford, Sir Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Swami Vivekananda, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Nelson Mandela the African Gandhi, President Roosevelt, Lord Mountbatten and many many more…

Great Leaders of our country

Leaders of Hindustan who inspired the world.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru,Sukhdev, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Savitribai Phule, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, King Vikramaditya, Chandragupt Maurya,Mahatma Gandhi,Rabindranath Tagore ,Subhash Chandra Bose to name a few.

Each of these leaders have devoted their life to the service of humanity with great sacrifice and understanding the simple basic needs of a poor man.

Women make better Leaders than Men( of course there are great Men leaders too) since they are calm,Understandable,run the house( responsible),kind,forgivable,love the family,sacrificing… ,last but not the least they are not at all EGOISTIC… 8 points.


A Leadership quality should ultimately build, bridge and make and not break. Each of these leaders have devoted their life to the service of humanity with great sacrifice and understanding the simple basic needs of a poor man.

About the Author: The author Miss Vijaya is a Chemicals Technologist and has several years experience in this field.


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Relaxation Techniques For Sleep Improvement

Submitted by: Lelliot Peters

Most insomniacs can benefit from relaxation techniques for sleep improvement although if you are truly a laid back, relaxed person you may not need relaxation training. Here are a few suggestions that might help if you are tense but first a note about tension.

There are 3 sorts of tension.

Psychological tension means you are keyed up, anxious, worried and agitated with miscellaneous thoughts racing around your head.

Muscular tension is where you have tight muscles; you may pace around, tap your fingers or grind your teeth.

Sympathetic arousal is the fight or flight nervous system which is responsible for the production of adrenalin. It controls your automatic activities such as breathing and heart rate.

Different relaxation techniques may help those people who have one form of tension but not another and some people may have a combination of tensions. To add even more complexity, relaxation training works for tense people but for those who are naturally relaxed it may make them frustrated and their sleep even worse.

Relaxation techniques for sleep benefits most often used include abdominal breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and imaging.

When embarking on any of these techniques it s important not to try or think too hard about relaxing. For some advanced techniques such as meditation or yoga it will be worth while consulting a professional as without some instruction few people could learn the techniques well enough for them to be effective.

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Relaxation stretching and exercises

These techniques can be used each night to relieve mental stress and muscle tension.

Full body stretch Reach up as high as you can on the right side then do it reaching up with your right.

Rag doll Stand bending at the waist; shake your hands and arms; let your head hang and sway from side to side.

Back stretch Lie flat on the bed pushing your spine down flattening your back and pulling in the abdomen; release, go limp in all your muscles breathing deeply; repeat.

Torso stretch Sit on the edge of the bed holding the end of a hand towel in each hand above your head; stretch first to the right and then slowly to the left.

Head massage Close your eyes and massage your head and neck in small rotating circles; carry on down the neck to the shoulders.


There are imaging techniques any one of which can be tried and discarded moving on to the next one if it doesn t work.

Close your eyes and feel yourself heavy and starting at 100, count backwards seeing the numbers as you do or imagine writing the numbers on a board or drawing them in the sky.

Create a idyllic restful place, a beach scene, rolling hills or a pristine snow scene and imagine yourself not only in it but feeling the sand in your toes, smelling the freshly cut grass or seeing the patterns made by the frost.

Imagine yourself floating on a cloud gently moving over gentle rolling hills.

One of the best images is that of descending as a leaf gently floating down or riding down in an open lift.

Abdominal breathing

This might seem like a simple activity as we do it all the time but done correctly it can be effective in falling to sleep very quickly and is good for all types of tension.

Practice during the day until you have mastered it which may be a couple of weeks. Lie down and observe the rhythm of your breathing. Then put one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen and start breathing from the abdomen pushing the stomach out.

Breathe in and out slowly, pause, in, out, pause. Feel the movement of air as you breathe and concentrate on that point. Let all thoughts leave your mind.


Meditation is the attainment of a state of passive concentration where your brain emits alpha waves which is the same state in which you fall to sleep. Meditation helps to decrease the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and therefore helps in relieving anxiety and tension and reducing respiration, heart rate and blood pressure.

Progressive relaxation

Sit in a comfortable chair or lie on the bed and starting with a muscle group fiercely tense, let s say, your hand, until the knuckles are white, hold for a few seconds and then relax and observe your hand for 20 seconds and think about how it feels. Can you feel and see the difference between your hands? Do the same to each muscle group in a logical course across your body.

There are many other forms of relaxation techniques for sleep improvement such as yoga, autogenic training, neurolinguistic programming, and brain empowerment and so on, the details of most can be found at

Whichever one you try it s important to become proficient at it so that the method is automatic and natural.

About the Author: Lelliot is a long term sufferer of insomnia and movement related sleep disorders and has been researching into relaxation for sleep improvement as well as all things sleep related for 15 years.Get some more sleeping tips here at


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