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Website Re Design Top 10 Tips

Website Re-design – Top 10 Tips



The decision to redesign your business website is an important one. It is important that redesign of your website is able to meet the objectives and helps promote your business. Web design of a business website is in constant need for changes and improvements in order to meet the growing needs. A web design company should understand the different issues that make a website effective. The importance of an effective web design for a company has increased manifold in recent years. Today a company s website goes much beyond offering information. Web design plays a more crucial role in a company s success today than it has done ever before.

The process of redesigning a website is quite different to designing a website for the first time. Following are some of the key issue that should be considered when redesigning a website.

Choose the right web design company

There are many web design companies that specialise in website redesign. Hiring the right web design company to redesign your website will play an important role in deciding the success of the new website. It is advised to hire a web design company that understands your needs and the market. It is better to hire a professional web design company for the task rather than the web design company with the cheapest quote. The overall quality of the service and design far outweigh the slightly higher costs involved.

Evaluate your existing website

An important step when considering to redesign your business website is to evaluate your existing website. This can help you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current website. The web design company you commission to redesign your website can assist with identifying the major weaknesses of your current website so that they can be addressed in the new design.

Focus on Search engines optimisation

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There is little doubt that search engine marketing will play a crucial role in the success of any website. Search engine marketing and optimisation should be at the heart of the redesign process. Web Design Company should ensure the new design is search engine friendly. Using keyword research techniques your web design company should be able to help you identify the top keywords for your website and ensure the new design is optimised for the keywords.

Identify your customers

Being able to study and analyse customers and users of your website offers a distinct advantage when redesigning a website as opposed to designing for the first time. Using sophisticated website statistics and reporting tools such as Google analytics, you can easily identify where your users come from and what they do on the website. This can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website and provide a useful insight on what areas or pages need improvements. The new design should address these issues effectively and help retain users on your website.

Identify your target market

Identifying the target market of your business is vital to ensure your website specifically addresses the needs of your intended audience. You should identify and categorise your target audience into groups. Both, the new design as well as the content should address the needs and expectations of the target groups individually. Websites that are designed specifically with the needs of the target audience are more effective and tend to have higher rates of retention and conversion.

Research your competition

There is a lot that can be learnt from your leading competitors. Analysing the competition will not only provide valuable information on website s design but also on technology and usability concepts being applied. With the help of search engines such as Google it is easy to identify the top competitors in your industry.

Ensure the new design is modern and professional

The visual appeal of your website is should always be an important consideration. There is nothing more damaging for your business brand than an old and outdated design. Irrespective of what your business does, it is improtant for your website to look modern and professional. The current trend is for clean-cut and minimalist designs.

Focus on Quality of content

The content on your website is on of the most important factors. Quite often it is the content that drives users to visit your website in the first place. An effective approach is to provide additional articles and resources that are beneficial to your users and not just information about your products or services.

The web design company commissioned for the redesign of your website should be able to advise you on how to write content that is rich in keywords.

Use your website to Interact with your audience

It is equally important to ensure your business is able to interact with its customers via the website. A website can be an effective and vital tool to communicate with customers. Today, websites are dynamic and offer many rich features that can allow your business to receive feedback from your customers or even interact with them in real-time. The website should encourage users to communicate with the business. Calls to action statements on your web pages prove effective to encourage response from customers. Call to action statements that promote action from customers and can include anything from register for newsletter, Apply Online, Request a call back to complete a survey.

Only the factors that your business should consider when redesigning its website are discussed above. There are many other issues that need to be addresses. However the above will prove useful to ensure your business is able to maximise the benefits form the redesign. For up to date news on web design, follow

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Web Design Singapore The Features Of An Effective Website Design

Submitted by: Verz Design

Website design Singapore Company is offering you an effective website design tips to increase your web design knowledge ..

There are many features that can make a website effective. It is important that a business website utilize as many of these features as it can. Websites that are created with certain features and design strategies are easier to use and will prompt more people to use their website. With so many websites available it is important that a business make their website stand out in whatever way they can to attract people to their website and keep them returning.

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One of the most important features of a website is its usability. It is important than when designing a webpage that you look at it from the user s view. Features and options need to be place on the webpage in ways that are logical and make it easy for the user to find. Web content should be reliable and easy to read. Since most users do not read entire pages, it is good to have headings that standout so the user can find the information they need in a quick manner. It is also important to keep the web pages within a website uniform. Colors and styles should be consistent as well as the location of navigation buttons and bars. By doing this the user begins to feel comfortable with the layout and will look further at what the website has to offer. A well designed website makes a user more inclined to visit it again.

It is also effective to make sure the website makes logical sense. Sections should be named according to the items they represent rather than unique and cute names. It is much easier on the user when webpage are labeled with obvious names. This lets the user spend more time on the information they are looking for than the act of trying to find it on the website.

Many web designers try to make websites too elaborate. Simple is usually better when it comes to a website. When there is too much going on the user has a tendency to forget what they are there for. It is best to showcase the product and services of a website rather than the latest in web design. This can be true with animations and graphics. A little can be creative but if these enhancements start to take away from the website s message, then they are of little benefit. Designing an effective website requires a little bit of thought and effort, but when one takes the time to view things as the user will, they should be able to see what will work best for their website.

Most businesses invest a great deal of time and money into the creation and maintenance of their websites. They do this in the hopes of attracting more customers and sales to their business. But how do they know how effective their website really is? In order to know if things need to be changed or adjusted it is important to be able to determine how successful a website is and what is working and what is not. There are many factors that can help a business judge how well their website is performing and it is important that they spend some time analyzing these factors.

Many look to the number of page views when judging a website s effectiveness and whereas this can be a good indication of how many are visiting the website, it says little about how many are actually finding something of interest. For a website to be successful it must generate interest. One way to track interest in your website is by how many leads the website brings in. Most websites have some manner in which they get customers or potential customers to sign up for more information. Checking to see how many new sign ups a website is getting is a good indication of how well the website is performing. Obviously the more leads that are being generated, the better the site is doing.

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The Benefits Of Bringing Your Dental Practice Online

Submitted by: Chadwl Conner

And except if you move extra of your dental practice promotion time, hard work, and dollars on-line – in a strategic and cohesive way – your dental practice simply just will not be identified.

This form of marketing is also effective for the wellness service community, including dental practices. It has now grow to be essential to provide a dental practice on the net in purchase to maintain and boost small business. Having said that, there is far more to dental web-site net promoting than just setting up a generic web site design. Your web-site has to stand out from all of the other dental web pages to acquire a competitive edge. The subsequent is a list of the several positive aspects of creating an on the net presence working with a customized dental site design and style made by a specialized dental website layout assistance:

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1. Usually people today will want to get additional details about a dental practice before scheduling an appointment. They will have concerns about the Dentist, staff, fees…etc. With a dental website, you can deliver answers to generally consult problems. The patient will be much more motivated to call and timetable an appointment.

two. A professionally made dental site will enhance your marketing tactic by making your company search far more professional. You can showcase a selection of features pertaining to your clinic these kinds of as supplying a virtual tour of the small business, giving patient testimonials, furnishing employee bios that consist of their training background, and delivering informative content articles about dentistry related topics this sort of as new processes and technologies. You can also hold clients up-to-date on new companies and selling prices. A well optimized dental site will rank significant in the lookup rankings, achieve much more people, and carry additional individuals to the clinic. The consequence will be a major raise in revenue.

3. When you have a specialist internet site, you will be capable to distinguish your practice from other dental practices due to the fact you will have your own distinctive layout, layout, logo, photographs, graphics, domain name, and personalized domain email. A dental net design and style assistance can develop a web-site that reflects your clinic’s features and small business values. As properly, a skilled web site layout assistance can use community targeted promoting to boost the range of patients coming to your dental clinic.

4. A custom-made dental web page will alleviate individual registration and wait time. With your unique specialist website, you can supply registration paperwork that the individual can download and fill out prior to the appointment. You can also have the selection of enabling people to fill out registration kinds on line and submit them to the clinic through the web site. The receptionist can then enter the information and facts easily and efficiently. There are even site patterns that allow for people to make secure on the internet payments.

Nowadays, dental health and fitness professionals have to use modern-day and innovative advertising strategies to get a aggressive edge. Bringing your dental practice on the internet and producing a personalized site especially made for your practice is an critical device to reaching prospective people. In this technologically innovative earth, it has grow to be extra critical than ever to grow your small business employing personalized and qualified sites.

About the Author: Park dental group is a total support, household dental practice found in Stoughton, Massachusetts.


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Points To Be Addressed Before Making A Choice For A Web Design Company

Points to Be Addressed Before Making a Choice for a Web Design Company


Gaurav Henry

So, you have made a decision to get a new website for your company, however the problem that usually occurs is how to make sure that your site is visually arresting and offers an overall fantastic user experience to the visitor.

Of late, several websites rely a lot on cool graphics as well as fancy effects, however when it comes to advertising yourself successfully on web 2.0, it is very important that you offer the visitor with an experience that he does not fail to remember . Time and again, a lot of companies offering

professional web design company

assure advanced visuals with a fanciful user experience. However, the issue is how to discover a company that truly delivers that…

The solution lies in some simple points that are able to guarantee a website that is not just in tune with the times, however is also inside your predetermined financial plan. Following are those points:

Seeing the testimonials of the company that you plan to employ

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See whether the company offers

custom web development

and design services. This is just to make sure that you are offered with services that deal with your exact constraints.

For how long has the company been established and whether they boast a strong portfolio relating to their proficiency in offering

web design company services


How many projects that website design and development company has dealt with and whether they can keep hold of their patrons.

Do they really spend time in knowing patrons exact requirements and consider their budget limitations.

It is necessary that you bear these simple points in mind, whenever you plan to get a new website designed or do up an old one.

You should understand that you should not just employ any professional web design company to offer you with middle-of-the-road designing services. It is very important that you are associated with a site that is ground-breaking and inspiring for others, as it pays to be noticeable in the crowd, eventually.

A company that is able to offer you with custom web designing services can help you catch the attention of a whole lot of people from your targeted niche and help you obtain the utmost bang for each penny that you use. Therefore, it pays to come across a company that has an edge over the other companies offering designing services.

Hence, the next time you decide upon employing a creative web designing company, just remember that it is better to go beyond your budget a bit and sign up a company that offers you with custom services, which is well-matched to your specific requirements, than signing up one that doesn\’t.

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Psd To Drupal Conversion Features That Add Punch To Your Website

Submitted by: Mike Swan

Owning a business website is not just of making it live on the World Wide Web. It is also essential for the website to have a lasting impact on your target audience. To make a website functional and effective, there are several techniques that webmasters bring into use. PSD to Drupal conversion is one of them. The use of conversion from PSD to Drupal theme is increasing with each passing day and the main reason for this are the advantages that this conversion process has to offer.

Drupal is an open source content management system that has several advanced features that support the creation of robust and highly functional websites. You can choose to create several different forms of websites using PSD to Drupal including corporate websites, picture galleries, corporate websites and social networking websites. You can find marks of Drupal theme conversion in almost every sphere. The reason of such widespread acceptance of Drupal theme conversion is the superlative features that the process has to offer. Some of these features are discussed below:

Advanced Security: Security of your website is the first and foremost factor that might concern you. You cannot ignore the security aspect and thus it is important to protect your website from all possible external threats such as Trojans and viruses. Conversion to Drupal offers advanced security features that make sure that ensure that your website is protected against all relevant threats.

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Cross Browser Compatibility: As you convert your website to Drupal theme, your website becomes compatible with all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Since your website can run on all major browsers, your chances of attracting more and more viewers increase. This means your website becomes highly popular.

Multi-lingual Support: The multi-lingual support feature of Drupal allows you to access your website in almost all major languages used across the world. This means, no matter wherever you may be, you can access your website in the native language without mush hassles. Also, users get the option of changing the language manually.

WYSIWYG Editor: Drupal, like all major content management systems, comes with a WYSIWYG editor. This means you can easily create, edit and post content on your website, without getting stuck in the coding part.

Customized Look: As you opt for PSD to Drupal theme conversion, you can give your website a customized look. You can choose any them you want and design your website as per your requirement. This means you are the in charge of the complete look and feel of your website.

The above mentioned features of PSD to Drupal theme conversion add a lot of effectiveness to your website. If you too are tempted to try this effective web technique, then you can take help of a professional IT firm to get the conversion process done for your website. Remember, partner a company that has expertise in the field and can dedicatedly work on your project to give you just the output that you need.

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